“We are known for our hygiene, quality and timely delivery”

We Indians across the globe love to have our tasty and yummy namkeens. But COVID badly affected most manufacturers. To get an insight into the present scenario we spoke to the charming and dynamic Kajal Gor, Partner at Munchin foods a fast upcoming manufacturer of delicious namkeens – an amazing 140 variants. By the way the company is growing under the flagship of women entrepreneurs.

How has COVID-19 affected the pace in your company, including your production line?
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disaster for all of us, and we hope it doesn’t reappear in the future. On the positive side for us, it presented an opportunity to increase our market share because during the lockdown, namkeens were not supplied by big manufacturers located outside Mumbai and other states. We increased our production by 25% during the lockdown; however, there were many challenges regarding raw materials and manpower. Despite these challenges, we managed to overcome them.


How do you rate Munchin Foods brand?
I would rate it 9 out of 10. It’s just a 2-year-old unit. In fact, in 2018, we acquired a sick manufacturing unit of namkeen in Mumbai. I started revamping the whole unit and set up new processes in terms of production, logistics, manpower, etc. Within a span of 2 years, our business has grown four times. One of the major reasons for Munchin Foods’ success is that we are known for our hygiene, quality, and timely delivery. At Munchin Foods, we also keep developing new products and have nearly 10 variants.

Can you highlight the variety of your products and which are the most popular?
We offer a wide range of premium products, including Sezwan Roll, Chinese Samosa, Special Mix, Phulwadi, Rangila Mix, Badam Farali, Salted Potato Wafers, Pancham Farali Noodle Mix, and many more.

Many namkeen vendors have started home delivery for customers through online booking. What’s the scene at Munchin Foods?
While many vendors have started home delivery for customers through online platforms, our focus at Munchin Foods is primarily on bulk sales to direct shops or distributors. We prioritize bulk sales as it aligns better with our manufacturing setup and logistical capabilities.

With such tasty products, are you looking at the export market?
Yes, we are actively exploring opportunities in the export market. Indian communities worldwide are always in search of authentic Indian snacks, and we aim to meet this demand. We are currently in the process of obtaining the necessary certifications for exports, and we plan to expand our presence in key markets such as the UAE, Europe, and the USA soon.

What are the challenges that you will face in next six months and marketing strategies to overcome them?
Next six months will see many Indian festivals, and that period is very critical for us. However, looking at the COVID situation, it looks very challenging. In the present situation, survival is key, and hence we will stick to our basics like providing timely service to customers, focusing on the collection part, and proposing extra incentives to the sales team for specific targets.

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