RoboSense Smart LiDAR Car

RoboSense a leader in autonomous driving LiDAR at CES 2020 announced the world’s first public road test of a vehicle equipped with a Smart LiDAR Sensor. Running outside the Las Vegas Convention Center daily during CES 2020 it showcased the latest technological progress in autonomous vehicle LiDAR.

The RoboSense RS-LiDAR-M1 Smart LiDAR is the world’s first MEMS Smart LiDAR Sensor to incorporate sensor hardware, AI perception algorithms, and IC chipsets, transforming conventional LiDAR sensors from an information collector to a complete data analysis and comprehension system, providing essential information for autonomous vehicle decision-making faster than ever before.

RoboSense128-beams LiDAR RS-Ruby and the short-range Blind Spot LiDAR RS-BPearl also went on public road demo. This super high-performance 128-beam LiDAR RS-Ruby possesses an ultra-high resolution of 0.1° and the range performance of 200m for a 10% reflectivity target.

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