Innovations Galore@CES 2024

CES, the largest tech event globally, concluded on a positive note with a major focus on AI, mobility, digital health, and sustainability, feels Chandragupta Amritkar after a visit to the show.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) kick-started its centennial celebration during CES 2024, marking a century of igniting innovation by advocating for innovation-friendly policies, capturing emerging trends in market research, developing consensus standards, and convening innovators to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. CES 2024 was full of innovations as, over the years, it has been successfully redefining the lines of innovation, with techies across the globe continuing to display their new wares and inventions. Thanks to CES, over the years, tech enthusiasts have witnessed numerous gadgets and innovative tech launches. Most products announced at CES 2024 are not immediately available, a few never see the light of day, and some surprise us journalists as we wonder about their genuine utility.

As with every year, CES 2024 literally took over Las Vegas. This was clearly visible as we traversed across venues. Harnessing the power of human-to-human interaction after the nightmare called COVID, CES 2024 attracted 4300+ exhibitors, including a record 1400+ startups from around the globe in Eureka Park, showcasing the innovative trends shaping tomorrow and solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

“The resurgence of CES proves that face-to-face conversations and meetings are a necessity for the technology industry. For more than 20 years, I’ve said that every company must become a tech company, and the diversity of exhibitors at CES 2024 proves it. The CES footprint and conference programming span the entire tech ecosystem,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Fifty top corporate leaders who comprise CTA’s Board of Industry Leaders agreed that CES is the dominant event across AI, accessibility, digital health, mobility, and so much more.

“CES 2024 brought the ALL ON experience for media, executives, and industry thought leaders. Across the show and on CES conference stages, thousands of global brands announced new visions, products, investments, and partnerships,” said Kinsey Fabrizio, CTA Sr. VP, CES and membership. “Technology is solving global challenges, and we’re excited to see so many collaborations and partnerships start here in Las Vegas, and produce a show where attendees come to meet, dream, and solve.”

Artificial Intelligence – AI led the global conversation at CES 2024. Companies highlighted the enormous potential of AI to improve our world with cutting-edge applications that will transform how we communicate, do business, and take care of one another.

Human Security for All – CES established access to technology as the eighth pillar of the Human Security for All (HS4A) global campaign, which focuses on the critical role technology plays to improve every aspect of the human experience. Tech is a catalyst for tomorrow, powering solutions to pressing global challenges. This week at CES, Force for Good released a new report at the CES Research Summit on tech’s influence on human securities. Aligned with CTA’s CES 2024 Tech Trends to Watch, the report proved that universal connectivity and leveraging AI across human securities will improve our world.

Keynotes – For the first time, beauty brand L’Oréal Groupe took center stage for a CES keynote. Joined by partners and actress Eva Longoria, L’Oréal shared a vision of inclusive beauty tech.

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