Frankfurt Digital Initiative

Covid-19 has truly hit the world literally bringing it to a “stand still”. Most effected has been our tourism industry. But going tech savvy the dynamic tourism department of Frankfurt has launched Frankfurt Digital Initiative. “As Covid-19 situation persists and travel rustications across the globe we have decided to take the digital route to present the first part of our Frankfurt Digital Initiative. Apart from this on our website we have information about our numerous virtual tours in Frankfurt. The idea is with all these virtual tours we want to make people dream as long as they are not able to travel. And when it opens as we welcome them with open arms they will know what to see,” said Anke Haub, Manager Tourism Marketing (India), Project Manager Barrier-free Frankfurt, Frankfurt Tourism.

With the help of modern technology Frankfurt tourism has been able to bring the colourful scenes of Frankfurt’s famous old town directly to your home using Augmented Reality. The only thing visitors will need is a digital postcard and your smartphone. Visitors will be able to discover Frankfurt’s “newest” quarter without leaving your home. Through a virtual tour visitors can experience these highlights of the New Frankfurt Old Town from wherever you are: Goldenes Lämmchen, Rotes Haus, Hühnermarkt, Kaiserpfalz Franconofurd, Cathedral.

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