First Smart Cordless Wet/dry Floor Washer

Tineco, a leading innovator in floor care and smart home appliances, unveiled a new smart vacuums within its ONE series, including the FLOOR ONE S3 and PURE ONE S11 and the MODA ONE S, an all-new smart hair dryer.

FLOOR ONE S3 is the first smart cordless wet/dry floor washer that automatically detects, washes and vacuums floors with its patented iLoop sensor. The FLOOR ONE S3 is a lightweight, cordless vacuum that offers up to 35 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, delivering a completely clean floor in one step. Once cleaning is complete, a one touch multi-stage self-cleaning feature flushes the tubes, brush roller and other contact surfaces with fresh water and detergent to keep the FLOOR ONE S3 clean and odor free, making maintenance a breeze.

The MODA ONE S is a uniquely-designed smart hair dryer with the latest intelligent technology that automatically adjusts airflow, heat, and ion. Smart sensors monitor hair and scalp moisture in real time, so hair dries quicker with less damage.

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