Celebrate World Chocolate Day with The Fern Hotels & Resorts

From gourmet truffles to classic chocolate bars, there’s something for every taste bud. Join the celebration.

World Chocolate Day, celebrated on July 7th, is the perfect occasion to indulge in the world’s favorite sweet treat. Whether you savor dark, milk, or white chocolate, this day offers a delicious opportunity to explore a variety of chocolate delights.

The Fern Hotels & Resorts invites chocolate aficionados and brunch enthusiasts alike to enjoy a decadent and unforgettable culinary experience. Indulge in a chocolate lover’s paradise at The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, MumbaiUK27 The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Belagavi and The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Jaipur, where a delectable brunch, Hi-Tea and exciting activities await guests of all ages. Whether you have a sweet tooth or simply appreciate the finer tastes in life, this culinary journey promises to tantalize your senses with an array of delectable chocolate-infused dishes and treats meticulously curated by our talented chefs.

“World Chocolate Day is more than just a celebration of one of the world’s favourite treats—it is a tribute to the rich history and cultural significance of chocolate. Originating from ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, chocolate has evolved from a revered ceremonial food to a beloved confection enjoyed in countless forms worldwide. Chocolate has a unique ability to bring people together and evoke feelings of comfort and happiness. We are thrilled to celebrate World Chocolate Day with our guests. Our team has put together an exceptional menu that showcases the versatility and indulgence of chocolate. It is an experience that chocolate lovers will not want to miss” shares Chef Ritesh Sen, General Manager – Food & Beverage, The Fern Hotels & Resorts.

The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, Mumbai

Experience a chocolate extravaganza with the specially curated Chocolate Sunday Brunch at The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon, Mumbai on July 7, 12:30 P.M. onwards. Guests will be treated to a special live chocolate making workshop by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Executive Chef, The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Goregaon where they will learn the art of chocolate making with a variety of unique fillings like blueberry, spicy passion fruits, cinnamon raspberry, caramelized pears etc. The chocolate themed brunch feast will feature delicacies ranging from Chocolate Praline Fudge to Chocolate Panna Cotta, from Coco Rocher to rich Chocolate Fondue and everyone’s favourite, classic Chocolate Truffle Cake.

UK27 The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Belagavi

Experience the Chocolate Brunch Buffet at Melange, UK27 The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Belagavi on July 07, 2024, 12:30 P.M. onwards. The delectable feast will feature specially curated dishes ranging from Grilled Pineapple with Chocolate Sauce to the Spinach, Chocolate and Poached Pears Salad, from Japanese Chocolate Pancakes to Belgian Chocolate Waffles, Hand-rolled Chocolate Truffles to a variety of chocolate cakes etc.

The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel, Jaipur

An impressive life-sized chocolate sculpture will welcome guests as they step into The Fern- An Ecotel Hotel, Jaipur to celebrate World Chocolate Day. The hotel has lined up an array of activities for both resident and non-resident guests. An engaging chocolate making workshop and presentation will be hosted where guests can learn to create mouth-watering classical chocolate delicacies. This will be followed by the specially curated chocolate themed Choco Tumble Hi-Tea at 5 P.M. where guests can enjoy mouthwatering delicacies. Resident guests will be treated to delectable homemade Chantilly Chocolate during the evening turn down service, along with a special good night goodie.

Whether you are a connoisseur or simply enjoy a sweet indulgence now and then, World Chocolate Day is a time to celebrate the magic of chocolate and all the moments it has enriched throughout history.

Don’t miss out on the sweetest day of the year!


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