AkeruE: Creative Learning Experiences for Children

While Panasonic made several announcements at CES 2011, I was impressed by their social idea of opening of AkeruE, a new center dedicated to providing creative learning experiences for children. AkeruE is an expansion of RiSuPia, the science museum for the next generation of leaders. In 2006, Panasonic opened RiSuPia, a hands-on museum, with the goal to increase children’s interest and curiosity in science and mathematics and to support the educational development of the next generation

AkeruE will deal with a wide range of crossover subjects in STEAM2 education. STEM education is an educational method by which students learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education is sometimes amended to include the arts, and referred to as STEAM.

The name AkeruE refers to opening up (akeru in Japanese) the potential of children’s intellectual curiosity and inspiring (Eureka4) them to take creative actions.

AkeruE provides children with hands-on learning experiences, and creating works and solutions. At AkeruE, Panasonic will offer opportunities for children to come up with new inspiration based on their curiosity and inquisitive minds.

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